New videos from Banky W – Unborn Child (ft. Lynxxx) & Lowkey

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Entertainment, video
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The music film for Banky W’s “Unborn Child” (featuring Lynxxx) was written by Banky W, and co-directed by Banky W & Jonathan Whittaker, while Banky was in NYC studying filmmaking. It was co-produced by Banky W & The New York Film Academy… the cast & crew consists of students and faculty from The New York Film Academy, including Aminat Ayinde (Former American Next Top Model contestant) as the leading lady. The film tells the story of a NYC cop who finds out his girl is pregnant; after receiving the news, he goes about his work and suddenly tragedy strikes.

The all-time Banky W-classic-fan-favourite-song “Lowkey” finally gets a video… and it’s written & directed by Banky W himself. Banky shot this as his “midterm” while in film school in NYC, and it features the beautiful and talented Tanzanian supermodel Millen Magese (Miss Tanzania 2011) in the lead female role. “Lowkey” tells the story of an intimate relationship between two people, that has to be kept between them, away from the knowledge of people in their circle. It’s creative, funny, sexy, and hopefully some people can identify with it. Enjoy!


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