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Posted: August 2, 2015 in Entertainment, Music, Photos, video
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Eclectic singer and song writer, Maka is taking a bold leap into music-dom reeling off conniving genres which split through trance to fusion, hiphop, RnB, metallic, rumba, high-life and traditional gangan beats to create her self-styled ambitious Afro Soul.

Incandescent rapper, Naeto C calls her “the next big thing, Africa’s Lauryn Hill”, and celebrity OAP, Tosyn Bucknor giving her a thumbs up as an artiste with a personae to thrive in the music industry on both local and international music industry.

Officially, MAKA’s musical career begins today the 1st of August, 2015 with a live social media campaign titled #MakaIsComing to enable fans across the world experience ‘Her Royal Awesomeness’ in all of her glory. To show her love, warmth and heart she is titillating the Nigerian and African music audience by providing access to two singles for streaming and downloading purposes (OH! Take It Away and Ife) on and and on major Nigerian and international blogs.

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Meet Maka
MAKA, Profiled!
MAKA is decided on an innovative trail less travelled to achieving industry uniqueness through her music that makes a splicing statement by conniving with and splitting from trance to fusion, hiphop, RnB, metallic, rumba, highlife to traditional gangan sounds to create her signature Afrocentric soul art. She is set to take centre stage as an artiste driving her music on wheels of purpose while strutting heels of sound, lyrical and instrumental perfection, delivering her self-styled music like messages in envelopes sealed and opened as singles to reveal vapour that simmers off inspirational scents of love, culture, trends, God, history, lifestyle, corporate life, everything and all of everything.

Born Nwamaka Sam- Ejehu, MAKA is an eclectic singer and songwriter. With a singing career nursed from the age of three, she began as part of the children’s choir led by her mother at her church, where she rendered her first solo at age six before an entire congregation. This childlike love for singing blossomed into song writing at age 12 leading to the build-up of a professional music career influenced by maestros and song birds that includes Everly Brothers, Sade Adu, Lauryn Hill, Pharell, Robin Thicke and Asa to create the rippling, soul searching MAKA coined riveting-afro-soul genre.

A Lawyer by profession, MAKA funnily made a test leap into music-dom as an undergraduate of the University of Lagos, recording her first song ‘Angry’ for the DonJazzy Enigma Freestyle Competition. With the song gaining momentum to Top 50 best entries, MAKA has continued to pedal forward, throttling with the introduction of her first official single, ‘Coming Out’ followed by campus audience pleasers such as No Dull, Oya, Malera, and Loving You featuring RnB singer, Byno which won Beat FM’s FreshBeats’ competition for March 2012.

Her young career has seen her performing backup roles for notable artistes such as Jesse Jagz and Dipo, credited for her backup vocals for BlackMagic’sConfam and Shakara off his Vision 2.0 album and featuring as a new gal on the block on incandescent rapper, Naeto Cs forthcoming album. MAKA also wrote the theme song for Indigo, a new entry music series showing live on Ebony TV.

1. full video:
2. freestyle:
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